I have been playing music off and on for many  years now.  I was lucky enough to meet Danny Rosnato and Steve Lee at Western Branch High School and later formed a group called The Gangsters Of Love with them.   Danny and Steve continue to entertain people all over the Tidewater area.   After I left the Gangsters, I formed a duo with Evan Pierce of Who's Your Daddy called Loose Interpretation.  Evan and I had too much fun, so I started The Don Bunch Show. 

The Don Bunch Show often features different musicians and songs, and usually manages to create a fun atmosphere.  Several years ago, I met Martin Marron at Mo & O'Malley's Irish Pub, where he was developing the large following he has today.  I decided that playing the fun Irish pub tunes was a good idea, so I started stealing tunes from him as soon as I could. 

These days, you can find me playing Irish music and my favorite rock/progressive tunes at Mo & O'Malley's and Murphy's


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